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Meet Diane Kesler


CEO/Salesforce Certified Instructor

Diane Kesler, aka "Digital Dee," has over 20 years of IT industry experience spanning implementations, software development, and project management. Diane became fond of MuleSoft during her Master's Degree Capstone where she featured the software as a solution for a fragmented electronic health record (EHR).

She dove in as a MuleSoft student, Meetup speaker, and private tutor. She applied herself to the production environment on a US Federal and State contract as a MuleSoft Administrator, SME, and Architect. Diligently, she conquered five MuleSoft certifications, became a Certified Instructor, a Meetup Leader of several groups, a MuleSoft Exam Developer, and CEO of Integration Quest. She progressed from MuleSoft Community Mentor to MuleSoft Community Ambassador and was recognized as one of the top Ambassadors of 2022.

Now Diane is embarking on a new venture to bring you the ultimate experience in education that solidifies customer relations, a real-world relevant curriculum, and a customizable class delivery plan.

Diane Teaches: 

Anypoint Platform Fundamentals, Getting Started, DataWeave, CloudHub OPS 1 & 2.0, Architect AppNets, IntSol, Healthcare Accelerator, Hyperautomation, Univeral API Management, API Design

MuleSoft Certifications: 


MuleSoft Community: 

MuleSoft Ambassadress, MuleSoft Community Meetup Speaker 

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