Meet Shivani Marrero

Salesforce Certified Instructor/Integration Consultant


Apicture of Shivani Marrero, Integration Consultant and Salesforce Certified Instructor

Shivani Marrero is an Integration Consultant and Salesforce Certified Instructor specializing in software development. Her 25+ years of industry experience spans roles working with business users and external clients for requirement gathering, architecting solutions, designing databases, user interfaces, and reports, managing projects and offshore resources, consulting, to training integration engineers and architects.

Shivani was introduced to MuleSoft six years ago during a proof of concept project for a critical Salesforce transformation project. The company ended up purchasing a MuleSoft license, and she assisted with the transformation successfully. This experience also transformed her career into a MuleSoft consultant. Since then, she worked on many integration projects for various industries. Her responsibilities vary from architecting a solution, performing development tasks, implementing solutions, and teaching integration tips and techniques.

She enjoys learning and using new technologies. Also, she is a MuleSoft meetup leader, MuleSoft Community Ambassadress, and soon to be a MuleSoft Certified Instructor.

Shivani Teaches: 

  • Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals 

MuleSoft Certifications: 

  • MuleSoft Certified Instructor 

  • MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 

  • MuleSoft Certified Associate 

MuleSoft Community: 

  • MuleSoft Ambassadress

  • MuleSoft Meetup Leader

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