A picture of Viktoria Carlson, Managing Partner

Meet Viktoria Carlson

Managing Partner

Viktoria Carlson loves exploring many worlds. She aspires to understand and collaborate within these different realms. Viktoria is interested in creating valuable learning experiences for those seeking more growth and greater challenges in the field of software integration.

She is currently the Director of Business Operations for Hoegg Software. Before moving to Oklahoma in 2016 she worked in operations management on large-scale sporting and cultural events in Glasgow, Scotland. She was born in Sweden, but at 18 her thirst for adventure and desire to understand new and different world views brought her to the UK for university.

Since coming to the US, Viktoria has worked solely with tech companies and believes her unique world experiences, both in different cultures and various fields of work, bring a fresh perspective to the teams she works with. In turn, she feels these last few years have brought immense growth and value to her way of thinking, for which she is excited to continue developing on this next great quest.


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