Meet Whitney Akinola

Content Creator

Whitney Akinola is an accomplished Integration Engineer, Integration Architect, and Content Creator. Whitney learned MuleSoft in 2016 and shortly shifted her career from a Java developer to an Integration Engineer, where she spent six years integrating systems using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform in the agriculture, energy, finance, insurance, and transportation industries. 

During the pandemic, Whitney created a blog site and YouTube channel to teach others software integration concepts. Little did Whitney know she would find fulfillment in helping others globally. Whitney’s most notable work was the work she contributed as a MuleSoft Curriculum Developer towards MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals, Anypoint Platform Development: DataWeave, MuleSoft Robotics Processing Automation Trailhead, What's New In Studi video, and monthly MuleSoft mini-courses. 

Whitney is building software integration learning and marketing materials for Integration Quest learners. 

MuleSoft Certifications: 

  • MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1 
  • MuleSoft Certified Associate 

MuleSoft Community: 

  • MuleSoft Meetup Speaker 
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